Pat Beaupre becker

                                            Pat Beaupre becker

I specialize in coaching women approaching 60, who are successful in so many part of their lives except weight!  You are a professional, creative woman who wants to get things done but find yourself fighting bad habits and extra weight.  You know this is only distracting you from a deeper purpose for your life.  You are ready to get on with it.

I was that woman.  I set out to finally look at my habits and beliefs and realized, it was like I was working for the opposing team.  I didn't have my back.  I wasn't on my side.  I was self-critical, downright mean.  When I slipped and made a mistake, I didn't give myself a break.  I punished myself with food and suffered accordingly.  I have known suffering and struggled with excess weight and shame about my past.  Now I eat for nourishment, I love my life and see each moment as extraordinary.  I am liberated from food thoughts and from a self-critical mind and unhelpful beliefs about my past.   OK, liberation comes with new habits and routines!

What I Believe

When I started this journey I thought my history of abuse was the problem.  I certainly didn't value my experience.  I hated it. I hated my body, too. Now I know the world is a better place when I love and accept myself.  Treating myself kinder means eating adequate amounts of nourishing food.  No more, no less.  I know that to be true because I eat enough to stay at my natural weight.  I no longer feel deprived. I stopped using food as a weapon against myself.  I stopped using food as entertainment.

I believe you are worthy of love, no matter your history.  If your life’s circumstances tricked you into believing you are not worthy of love or good health, it is a bit of a journey to self acceptance. You have developed poor eating and thinking habits over a lifetime.  Poor beliefs and thoughts that directly impact your happiness, well-being and your weight.  As a certified weight-loss and life coach, my job is to teach you exactly what to eat and to inspire you to find loving,  accepting and more useful thoughts. 

I believe you deserve to live a joyful life, and the world is aching for your gifts as only you can give them.  Yes, the world is aching for you to heal.

How I can help

If you are ready to lose your extra weight, and if you are ready to stop self-sabotaging your future and learn how to eat - I can help you.  I have helped people lose weight, change their past and feel better about themselves, improve their relationships and live a simply joyful life without being distracted by any trauma of the past.

Let's talk about you!