To my clients: 

I thank you for your vulnerability and your courage.  You have endeavored to make yourself known to yourself, to me and the world.  That is what the world needs, your authentic self.  Showing up each day.  Practicing.  Being kind to yourself.  We learn together and I am truly grateful.

From you:

For business and weight loss, working with Pat has been a fantastic experience.  I signed up with Pat for assistance with my weight loss goals, but wound up not only breaking my weight loss plateau but also gaining significant improvements in my work life.   Specifically, my weight loss jumped from the half pound of week I had been dropping for 8 weeks before starting with Pat, to 1.5 pounds per week.    But that result is really not the big story.  The big story is uncovering behaviors during my work day that were causing me to want to escape through food.   She helped me with delegating, saying no and accepting the reality of what I can actually do during a day.   Pat is warm, generous and invested in her clients.  She tracks sessions and ensures forward progress.  Her experience in the workplace resulted in viable solutions that I could employ immediately.  Thank you Pat! - Amy D., N.J.
Working with Pat I was able to meet my weight loss goals. Her encouragement and wisdom is invaluable.  She is all in as a coach and the commitment is incredibly helpful. Also, she's fun and we laughed a lot and made the journey educational but also enjoyable! You couldn't ask for a better coach.  Gina P., CA
Pat has truly changed my life. I signed up for an 8 week session with Pat when I was at a crossroads in my life after turning 50, and although I knew I was going in a positive direction, I needed some guidance to stay courageous.  My traumatic childhood often finds a way of rearing its scary head and keeping me small -- especially when I'm making progress!  But Pat helped me to stay true to myself, and to remember that my life is not damaged -- in fact it's golden.  She's not only a highly trained coach, but she has overcome her own challenges and knew how to help me to finally manage my negative thoughts, and to claim my super powers.   She gave me tangible exercises that became like daily hygiene for my mind, separating circumstances from thoughts and keeping me on track towards my best life.  She reminded me how to love myself the way I love my child, and to see my husband for the good man that he is. To be the creator of my own happy life.  To live in gratitude, and to believe that I can handle any given situation no matter how challenging. To trust myself.  Best of all, she taught me how to coach myself so that I will always have the tools I need to navigate life's challenges.  At the end of the 8 weeks, I felt a powerful shift in my mindset and life flow.  I'm not going to lie to you and say that it was easy doing the work with Pat -- there were some very emotional days --  but she created a safe place for that. And, as I continue to use the tools she gave me each day, the momentum towards living my best life is unstoppable.  I really can't recommend Pat more highly as a Life Coach, not only for those who have experienced trauma in their past, but for anyone who wants to keep moving in the right direction.  Adriene R., CA
I cannot give Pat enough kudos. She really listens and asks insightful questions that help me get to the heart of the matter. She is patient and kind as I work through some very emotional and difficult situations and isn't afraid to ask the tough questions when necessary. Working with Pat helps me uncover why I'm not moving forward and gives me the tools and the resolve to get "unstuck". Jen S., San Leandro, CA
Pat, I just want to thank you for the coaching work we have done together.  It has been truly transforming and uplifting and I am so grateful for your compassion, insight, and skill.  You helped me to bring my focus back to putting joy first, which has made even "chores" enjoyable somehow.  I loved the various methods you used - dialogue with the inner self, meditations, dream work, checking with the body and many more. You made it intriguing and helped me keep the focus on my own authentic purpose. Our work together gave me the courage to launch and complete projects that have been in my heart for years, because the focus was on joy rather than getting things done and I got back in touch with how energizing it is to work on the projects I love.   Thank You!!  Deborah V.S., Educator & Master Certified Body Worker, NY
I only met Pat once in person and very briefly at that.  I had the opportunity some months later to be coached by Pat over the phone for a number of sessions during a tough job hunt.  Pat's approach was certainly helpful for my particular circumstances; but what I most strongly remember is how easy it was to work with her on some very important issues over the often de-personalizing medium of the telephone.  Ordinarily, I greatly prefer to talk about important matters in person -- I'm still surprised, however, at how absolutely easy it was to work with Pat telephonically -- the phone effectively disappeared and we worked together with complete fluidity and focus. A. D., Software Engineer, Berkeley, California  
Pat is a very supportive and creative coach. During each coaching call, Pat really tuned into my concerns and helped me process what was going on inside and outside of myself. At the end of each call, Pat gave me some homework to do during the week, which served to increase my awareness and deepen my learning experience. She applied some very helpful coaching techniques, such as body scanning, which I continue to use to gauge my own reactions and tune into what's going on inside myself. When I started working with Pat, I was working alone on my computer. Though I was connecting with friends through dance and music, I was working by myself. Pat helped me find creative ways to collaborate with other people, whether or not we're working on the same project. I'm continuing to reach out to colleagues, asking them about the workshops they've been leading and getting their feedback on my plans for a workshop I'm currently designing. At this point, I feel more focused and intentional in pursuing the work I really want to do. I highly recommend Pat if you're looking for a caring coach who can help you move forward in your career and in your life. B.D.-A., Consultant, Berkeley, CA