Pat Beaupre becker

                                            Pat Beaupre becker

Hello, I am Pat Beaupre Becker, an online weight-loss coach, who specializes in coaching women over 50 or 60.  My clients are successful in so many parts of their lives, except weight!  They are professional, savvy, creative women who want to get things done but find themselves fighting bad habits and extra weight.  If this is you, you know that is distracting you from your deeper purpose for your life.  Like many of my clients, you are ready to get on with it!

I was that woman.  I set out to finally look at my habits and beliefs and realized, it was like I was working for the opposing team.  I didn't have my back.  I wasn't on my side.  I was self-critical, downright mean.  When I slipped and made a mistake, I didn't give myself a break.  I punished myself with food and suffered accordingly.  I have known suffering and struggled with excess weight and shame about my past.  Now I eat for nourishment, I love my life and see each moment as extraordinary.  I am liberated from food thoughts and from a self-critical mind and unhelpful beliefs about my past.   OK, liberation comes with new habits and routines!

What I Believe

When I started this journey I thought my history of abuse was the problem.  I certainly didn't value my experience.  I hated it. I hated my body, too. Now I know the world is a better place when I love and accept myself.  Treating myself kinder means eating adequate amounts of nourishing food.  No more, no less.  I know that to be true because I eat enough to stay at my natural weight.  I no longer feel deprived. I stopped using food as a weapon against myself.  I stopped using food as entertainment.

I believe you are worthy of love, no matter your history.  If your life’s circumstances tricked you into believing you are not worthy of love or good health, it is a bit of a journey to self acceptance. You have developed poor eating and thinking habits over a lifetime.  Poor beliefs and thoughts that directly impact your happiness, well-being and your weight.  As a certified weight-loss and life coach, my job is to teach you exactly what to eat and to inspire you to find loving,  accepting and more useful thoughts. 

I believe you deserve to live a joyful life, and the world is aching for your gifts as only you can give them.  Yes, the world is aching for you to heal.

How I can help

If you are ready to lose your extra weight, and if you are ready to stop self-sabotaging your future and learn how to eat - I can help you.  I have helped people lose weight, change their past and feel better about themselves, improve their relationships and live a simply joyful life without being distracted by any trauma of the past.

Let's talk about you!