Achieve the results you long for.  stop self-sabotage. a proven system!

                                                                  Achieve the results you long for.  stop self-sabotage. a proven system!


Breaking Patterns of Self-Sabotage

Tools for reaching your full potential in sales and business.

Let’s face it, we women tend to sabotage our success in business, family and friendships.  We don’t mean to, but we often take action based on our mis-interpretation of a situation.  We often start with a negative self-image and critical thoughts which often leads us to see the negative side of all situations and create and focus on drama instead of solutions. 

Did you know your brain was designed to do this?  You are here because your ancestors survived over time.  They didn’t make it by skipping through rainbows and unicorns!

Success in business is paved with failure and growth.  If we are used to blaming our circumstances and other people for our own results, our success might be just out of reach.

You have already taken the step to be the designer of your own life by starting your own business.  A business devoted to progress and boldness.  How can you use the knowledge of your own brain to lead you to success?

In this Specialized Coaching Package, Pat will teach you how to apply tools to look at your very personalized brand of self-sabotage.  

In four 45-minute sessions, you will:

·        Have more energy to grow your business.

·        Discover methods to understand your limiting beliefs that are getting you your current results.

·        Follow a no-nonsense, empowering and easy to follow method to motivate you to take massive action in your business.

·        Create a plan of action for you to follow every day, including identifying obstacles and creating solutions.

·        Receive support to overcome each obstacle in your way.

·        Receive Worksheets to use over and over again as you propel yourself forward in your business.


Full Payment and receive a further 10% Discount $537.50

Two Payments of $298.50 (2nd Payment due prior to 3rd Scheduled Session)

2 Payments $298.50