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A system for making incremental changes daily to get you to 40 Lbs. lighter in your body and mind.

Spend Six Months with Me and You Will Change Your Past and Lose 40 Lbs.

If you would like to have an empowered experience of your past, get to a right sized body and find more motivation and desire to live a joyful life, this is a program for you.  It is an investment in your future.  At our age, there is no denying that future is limited and that it is coming and it is already here.  And here.  And here. 

This is the work that has helped me go from overeating, and becoming kinder vs. beating myself up for every disappointment, blaming my partner for my unhappiness, my job for being stuck and struggling to freedom of expression.  

This program is not a one-size fit all.  It is customized for you individually.  If you are ready to take all the learning you have consumed and apply it to your daily life, I am ready to take you there.  I will support you in clarifying your values, and how you want to feel and think.  I will show you how to select the food to eat for fuel.  We will use the new brain science to our advantage and create new neural pathways and new habits.  

You know by now that nothing comes easy and that many things are simple.  You know that simple doesn’t mean easy.  Is suffering and beating yourself and trying to find clothes you want to wear easy?  Is hating your life, your past – is that easy? 

No.  If you take the power of your ability to survive utter discomfort and use it to your benefit, you can experience hunger, boredom, and anxiety in a safe space.  A space we will build together with you leading the architecture and design.  This will be your life raft, your castle, your field of dreams.  When you learn that your feelings come from your thoughts, it can change everything.  You will realize that we create our life anyway.  Why not direct it and have it benefit us as we look towards the next 20 – 30 years.

What does it mean?

It means choose precision in your eating.  Weighing, measuring, planning.  Committing to making every food choice on purpose.  When I first heard of eating this way, I thought it was impossible.  But then I thought, I don’t try to negotiate my shoe size or the cost of any item at the supermarket.  I see the number and I pay it.  I select the shoe style in size 10 and I buy it.  Why not apply the same precision to my eating?  Especially when I have struggled so much over the past 50 years or so.  What do I have to give up?

Exactly What You're Getting

24 Weekly 1 on 1 private coaching over 6 months. 

A personalized program for YOUR body and YOUR life.

A protocol designed specifically for you, including a food plan that will give you structure and choices.

Tools that are simple to learn. 

Guidance in applying tools to your specific situation.

Food Journal

eBook – From Surviving to Thriving – How to Change Your Past and Lose 40 Lbs.

Why it Works

Learning simple tools is never the issue. You can research how to do anything on the internet and listen to a dozen of self-help podcasts.  It's applying and practicing the material that can get trickier.  Working on creating new habits of eating, thinking and behaving.  Tiny changes over time that fit in with your lifestyle.

This is where our weekly 1 on 1 calls come it.  We will take every specific situation you are experiencing and I will coach you through each one.  There will be a tool and take-away at most sessions. 

That is every week for 6 months.  If that seems like a long time, look back from 6 months ago to today, and where are you now?  Have you gained a pound or two more?  Are you less motivated?  Have you gotten as far as you would with a guide?  Every athlete, most CEOs and Executives know the value of coaching and utilize a coach.  Why not you?

It's More Than Just Coaching

You can use the tools I teach you to create a life.

I never thought I would forgive myself for the damage I did.  The mistakes I made.  Of course, my critical mind thought it had good reason, lots of evidence that I could not be happy.  I was not worthy of a loving relationship.  I never thought I could look at the experience of child abuse and see how the suffering I was doing, the shame and hiding still evident in my adult life was being caused by my adult mind. 

I never thought I would learn how to eat and manage my emotions and get rid of bad habits.  I used to shove sugar into my mouth; I was compelled to eat junk even though I promised myself I wouldn’t.

I always wanted to give to the world; to make an impact; to care and be cared for.  I gave, for sure, but always held back because of my own fears of being caught as a fraud.  Being found out as a nasty little girl.  Whew, it is hard to believe that is what my daily existence used to be like.

This work has changed that.  I am finally living my full potential.  I know it and feel it.  It may not be fantastical to someone else, but I KNOW it is the best I have to give.  I also know that I love to grow, to read, to learn and I am free to dive in completely without holding myself back.

I love my clients and have seen them grow in delight, in learning new skills, loving what they have, acknowledging the gifts they do have and believing that they deserve happiness.  Seeing their bodies shrink is an amazing experience.  Seeing them rise from within their hiding place.

Most importantly seeing that the struggle they have had in their life has given them superpowers and willingness to use that knowledge for how to live today.  There is lots of information regarding hormones, addictive qualities of concentrated sugar and flour. 

Our world is changing so fast and requires us to be newbies all the time.  Every technology upgrade, every new idea, new political reality.  We are well equipped to withstand the discomfort of being newbies. 

That is if we take our experience and hone it, transform it, forge it to a new use. 

That use?  Self-care, confidence, imagining and designing what we want in our lives.  Weather that is to garden peacefully, or jump out of a plane or just spend time with our grandchildren.  We have choices. 

Here Is What You Do Next

The cost of my six-month program is $3,000. 

As soon as you sign up, you will get a contract to sign, an intake form to complete and a link to schedule our first meeting.

One Payment $3,000

2 Payments of $1515