Summer 2018 is on the way.  It will get here – if we are lucky – one way or another.

Are your ready to finally get into shape? Why would you want to? What is on the other side of extra weight?

Excess weight is the result of habits. It is the result of modern life.

Think of losing weight as attending to the symptoms of what is missing in your life.

I am looking for 5 women who want to create something this summer that will start with weight loss.  

Marie is planning a trip to Thailand.

Delores is planning a 5K.

Pat is planning a vegetable garden.

Debbie is planning for life without her husband.

Gloria is planning to stop overeating.

Tallie is planning on cooking at home 3 times a week.

Josie is planning for retirement.

Doris is planning for a grandchild.

What do you want to create in your life NOW?

Some events will come whether we plan for them or not.  That date of your retirement will arrive.  The birth of your daughters’ child; not in your control.

Other events will only be realized when we make a decision and take action.

Then the dream is alive.  The experience is lived.

If you want to finally give up your struggle with food and weight and find more interesting things to think about, sign up for my private coaching package.

There are only 5 spots starting in May. 

It is never too late to create a dream.

It is never too late to plan it and live it.

If you are interested, let me know at Pat@beauprecoaching.com or leave a message at 415-234-6580.





Leave Message at: 415-234-6580