From Surviving to Thriving - 8 Week Program



I know that life is downright hard.  We often suffer in silence.  We are used to hiding our shame, our secret.  As children, we took on a responsibility that wasn’t ours.  The problem is that today we don’t take responsibility for what is ours.  Our responsibility, as I see it, is to choose the life we want.  I choose a joyful, rich, self-loving and self-respecting life.  What would that look like for you?

Today, you may be using food, TV, drugs or sex to avoid feeling anything.

What if you could choose to spend time in healthy activities and learn to live through self-destructive urges with kindness?

You are watching the days go by and your potential be unfulfilled. 

            What if each day you knew you were living full out and growing towards your potential?

You are disappointed in your partner, your children and your job. 

            What if you could just love your partner, your children, your job?

You are disappointed in yourself and where you believe you should be. 

            What if you held yourself in high regard and found gratitude for each struggle?

You describe yourself as an unhappy, frustrated person, with some good days. 

          How about becoming a happy, satisfied person, with some frustrating days?


“The only thing you don’t have is the direct experience of knowing you have everything you need.” Unknown

I remember the first time I read that sentence.  Someone who loved me and saw that I did not love myself, gave me a book about self-love and that quote was on the first page.  It was a long time ago and I don’t remember the title of the book or the author.  I do remember the gentlemen who gave me the book.  His name was Gene, a gentle, father figure who soon died of a brain tumor.  His genuine caring and mentorship and this little book made a deep impression on me and led me to you. 

I gave that book to everyone I met who did not love themselves.

I am guessing you don’t love yourself enough.

I’m not talking about a little more self-esteem, I am talking about straight-out acceptance and love. 

Have you had the experience of knowing that everything you need to live a rich and fulfilling life is already inside you?  Do you know your thoughts, whether they be judgmental or full of gratitude will guide you to your future? 


I have good news.  Your experience and ability to live with a deep discomfort can be useful if transformed. 

Living with the shame of childhood abuse, your sympathetic nervous system might have been continually in flight, fight or freeze mode and may have weakened your immune system. 

With awareness, direction and practice, you can tap into that experience and use it for healing and freedom and strengthen your immune system. 

I have learned this over a long haul.

I was afraid of being seen. 

I had no confidence in my skills.

I couldn’t write.

I was terrified to speak in a small group, never mind a room full of people. 

I wouldn’t put myself out there. 

My shame was too great. I was stuck in Freeze.

I started transforming and healing at the age of 13 when I pushed my abuser away, and to my great surprise, he stopped.  Unfortunately, the toxic thoughts and beliefs already took root in my brain and I continued to be shamed, shut down and terrified of putting myself out there.

I didn’t give up.

I kept trying.

I went to therapy.  I joined groups.  I learned to speak in a small group without breaking down crying.  (It I true I would cry as soon as I had to speak!)

I read books, I practiced what the books said.

I moved forward; I fell back.

I got older, the days continued to fly by.  I still played small.


My desire to live a full and rich life.  My desire to heal and to serve and be free.


Somehow, I discovered coaching.  I saw that I had survived and began thriving and laughing a lot more.

I began to have space in my brain that was quiet and not filled with self-hatred.

I survived failed relationships, death of loved ones, moves, promotions and layoffs.

I took chances and wrote to you. 

I even spoke to you in larger groups. 

Driven by the magical knowing that WE CAN HEAL.  WE CAN BE HAPPY! 

While it is not a one size fits all process, you can have it too!


Sharing that and watching clients have Ah Ha! Moments became the excitement of my days. 

Being around to witness clients shift their mindset and be free gave me greater assurance that my own freedom was solid. 

Standing with clients as they came back again and again when the lesson isn’t easy to come by, strengthen my compassion and resolve. 

Persistence in giving ourselves a break. 

Persistence in parenting ourselves with love. 

Making a commitment to kindness is a wonderful life-enhancing promise. 


I can't think of a more important time in history than right now where positive, inclusive and courageous voices are needed.

We need you out there, living your best life and serving others.

You know this and it has brought us together.

It's how we'll heal ourselves and the world.

It is a simple thing. Learn to love and accept yourself.  Learn to love and accept those around you. Make a plan.  Live from it.

8 weeks From Surviving to Thriving – will get you started.  Give you tools and practices. Register Below.

From Surviving to Thriving approaches your personal growth using a 6 part process:

1. Inquiry:  Redefining the problem and identifying obstacles.

2. Titration: Processing feelings gradually and in a safe place.

3. Self-Coaching: Understanding and becoming aware of our thoughts and how they impact our feelings, actions and results.

4. Creating Disruptive Experiences: Remaking our relationship with ourselves by changing in small increments.

5. Re-engineering Thoughts: Connecting to others in healthy relationships.

6. Life Hacking Habits: Envisioning and creating your future.



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