Personal Growth Hack: Writing can change your life.

You want something to change.  You want peace.  You want joy.  You want excitement.  You want to stop bad habits.  

I invite you to write. 

I write in the morning, not a lot of words. 

Writing helps me with my madness. 

Yes, my mind can be mad, how about yours? 

I have learned habitual thinking that undermines my desire to live a happy, peaceful (sometimes exciting) life.  My mind without an anchor reels back to those unhelpful thoughts. 

Writing and the daily habit of it is my anchor.

When I first notice my thought, I claim it as a win.  When I write it down, that is a gold medal.  Getting my thoughts down on paper helps me step into the watcher role.

Like dumping the garbage, or sweeping the deck, or sorting the closet. My watcher is a neutral observer and much kinder than the critical judge I grew up with in my head.  It doesn’t yell at the garbage or threaten the fallen leaves or call the worn clothes names.  I can’t deny that a thought, negative or positive, will impact my mood, my actions and my day.  

Writing doesn’t necessarily solve my problems, but it gives me time with myself.  It creates intimacy.  No one has to see it.  No one has to know. 

I highly recommend writing for all my coaching clients.  At least 10 minutes in the morning; a 10 minute free flow of pen hitting paper.  If mornings just don’t work, 10 minutes before bed will do.  Or, on the train home or waiting in the dentist office.  Get started.

Is writing easy for you?  If you don’t know what to do, here’s a step by step approach for your morning:

1.    Wake up 30 minutes before the kids

2.    Feed the cat or dog or bird.

3.    Grab a cup of tea, coffee or water

4.    Obtain Paper – journal, notebook, legal pad

5.    Pen or pencil – (computer optional, but pen is recommended)

6.    Quiet place to sit

7.    Set a 10 minute timer

8.    Start writing

If you can’t think of something to write, use these prompts:

a.    What are the words in my head?

b.    What is happening right now?

c.    What do I care about?

d.    What did I enjoy yesterday?

e.    What was perfect about yesterday?

f.     What is perfect about this moment?

g.    What is important to me?

h.    How can I make today better than yesterday?

i.      What do I say to myself when I make a mistake?

j.      How do I feel right now?

k.    How do I want to feel?

If you want more resources for writing, just send me an email.  Write on.