Day 6 - FB Live - Self-Compassion, an Ingredient for Success

Is inclusive compassion, part of your weight-loss program?  Your success depends on it.

Is inclusive compassion, part of your weight-loss program?  Your success depends on it.

Welcome to Day 6 of Support for Sticking to your Weight-Loss Program, the 14-day series designed to help you get to your goal weight and stay there, even if you are over 60 years old. 

Self-compassion is an important ingredient to your success in weight-loss, sustainable healthy eating and finding joy in your life.  

I know this from my own experience and from working with hundreds of women.  When it comes down to it, I always ask the question, “Do you value yourself?”  “Do you see that your birth into this world was a miracle?”  “Do you value your life?”  Often there is silence on the end of the phone.  We are not aware of how much we do not value ourselves.

I know you have heard this information before.  Perhaps it is like the Charlie Brown cartoon, where the teacher is talking and all they hear is “Wah, wah, wah, wha!”.  Just because you may have heard this before, STOP. PAY ATTENTION. 

Are you already practicing self-compassion throughout the day?  When you make a mistake, what are the thoughts in your head?  Kind? Mean?

What do you do each day to cultivate inclusive compassion? 

I recently attended a 50 Year Celebration at my husband’s church.  At the end of the service, a prayer was offered.

“…..grant me the grace this day to greet every person that I meet with understanding and compassion.  Reveal to me their needs and give me the means and inspire in my heart the humility and generosity …”

Do you meet yourself with understanding and compassion?  Do you seek to understand your needs and do you find the means to inspire your own heart with humility and generosity towards yourself?

I find often this is not the case. 

You want to reach your goal weight. 

You know sticking to your plan will get you there. 

Applying self-compassion and kindness along the way will take you to the finish line. 

Like a child learning to walk, allow for falling on your butt.  Just keep getting back up.  You have been around for 60 or so years.  You are here because you have hope.  Just keep going.  And do it lovingly.

Here are some practices you might add to your day:

Do you notice when you are completely stressed out and take time to breathe 6 times.  Yes, 6 times.

Do you notice when you are speaking mean words to yourself? Criticizing your butt or your hips or your belly?

Consider reading the following list every day.  Create your own thoughts to can practice that address your specific blocks.

·         I will keep it simple and just stick to eating whole foods, eliminating flour and sugar and processed foods as much as I can.

·         I will practice compassion for everyone, including myself.

·         I will learn to speak to myself the way I speak to the ones I love.

·         I will value my needs, as I value the needs of my children, partner and friends.

·         I will express gratitude for all that I have and all of my life.

·         I will love my future self.

·         I will rediscover what makes me happy, and include time for conscious fun every week.