Day 14 - FB Live Reach Your Goal Weight and Stay There with Ease.

Healthy food with a dose of love leads to your goal weight.  

Healthy food with a dose of love leads to your goal weight.  

My darlings!  Day 14 has arrived.  You should be on your way to your goal weight with lot’s of tools and tips.  These are not tricks or treats, but solid strategies that take time and action to work.

I will be teaching more tools for those of you who are serious about reaching your goal weight. 

3 Secrets to Reaching Your Goal Weight and Staying There.  These secrets are not included in our 14 Days, so join me for the free online class.  You need to register either on FB or at my website:  or here

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You, know I was thinking, and my truthful reason for wanting to lose weight was I wanted to look good.

That one has been there since I was 17 years old. 

When you watch your family die from lifestyle choices, that is a boost to why I wanted to lose weight.  When I learned how to eliminate the trouble foods from my body and learned to love what loves me, it became soooooooo much easier. 

I don’t know exactly at what point that happened.  One day I was sitting in a car crying because I just wanted to eat some ice cream and could not imagine how not to eat it.  To another day at a friend's house when being asked, "What can you eat?" I responded “Whatever I want!”

You want to eat whatever you want, don’t you?  How about wanting what is nutritious. 

How about instead of loving 3 sleeves of Oreos, you learn to love roasted veggies with garlic and onions and fresh spices. 

You want energy? Instead of loving your venti, Zombie Frappuccino with 54 grams of sugar, how about loving healthy fats and protein for brain & cell health and a little exercise. 

You want to look good. 

Are you willing to do something different to get different results?

After 14 days you know how.  You get a plan, understand your compelling reason for looking good, set up daily habits, look at your bad habits, change your desire by looking at your thoughts driving that desire, self-compassion and kindness, call yourself out on lame excuses, visualize your future, make planning, shopping and cooking easy, learn to manage those emotions at family events, or when life feels more like a roller-coaster, create ways to de-stress with self-care and stick up for what you want by not people pleasing and making a commitment to you!

That seems like a lot, but it is built up over time.  Little by little. 

Do you have time? What else do you have to do with your time? 

Approaching 60?  It is time.

I no longer have a life of self-recrimination.  That feels sooooooo free.  I work with my clients to analyze, evaluate and tweak what is not working and seeking solutions. 

We never give up.  Why would we give up?

I practice being inclusive of all the good things I want in the world.  I want kindness, acceptance, understanding and love in the world.  I have to give myself acceptance, kindness, understanding and love.

Imagine that is the payoff for self care.  That is the payoff when you get to your goal weight and learn to love what got you there. 

If you want to eat junk food all the time and get quick weight loss with restricting your calories – this is not for you.

If you want to learn healthy habits that will create neuropathways in your brain, I can help.

 If you want to be healthy in your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond. This is definitely for you.

If you want to love what loves you, let’s do this. 

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