March –You are dynamic, ever capable of changing. A Year’s Journey for Survivors of Childhood Trauma Who Struggle with Food.


What stops you from acting on your desire for change?

What happens when you decide to believe you cannot change? 

          Your thoughts serve as your strait jacket.

          Belief turns your feet to clay.

          Fear of your emotions weigh your body down.

          Your beliefs imprison your mind.

Do you know?

Do you know you can change at any age?

Do you know you can mold your brain to support you in losing weight and loving your life?

Do you know your brain can be trained to help you do whatever you want?

Do you know love and self-compassion is available to you right now?

What if?

What if you played with the idea that your past is over and you can break its’ influence on your decisions today?

What if you decided to take a chance on believing you can lose weight?

                Your thoughts serve as keys to open new possibilities.

                Action begets confidence.

                Courage transforms to competence.

                Anything is possible.

FB Life 6pm Thursday – How do I learn to believe I can change?