Get down to it. What do I do to start losing weight? Four Keys to get started. And afterwards?

Get started.

Get started.

If weight loss is what you seek, here are 4 Keys to Get Started. 

1.       Make a decision.

         You must first make a decision brought upon by your own will. No one can do this for you. You can make a decision now even if you have made this decision before. 

2.       Make a commitment.

          When you decide to commit to something, it's different than just wanting to do it.

          If you are 100% committed, you will succeed.  It doesn’t mean you will be perfect. It means you will be committed to keep going and keep learning.  You may fail and fall, yet you will succeed if you are 100% committed.  Guaranteed.

3.       Make a plan.

          Choose a meal plan you will follow and that works for your body.

          Plan for discomfort.

          Plan for hunger.

          Plan for obstacles.

          Plan for resistance.

          There is no wagon to fall off.

          Plan to just keep going.

4.       Prepare.

          Write down your thoughts and feelings.

          Find thoughts that will help you choose the foods that nourish you.

          Shop for the foods on your plan.

          Cook in batches.

          Write down what you plan to eat.

          Pack your lunch.

          Write down what you ate.

The solution must include your thoughts, emotions, and the quality and quantity of food you eat. 

You can live your life like a runaway train, or like a Boeing 787.  The 787 is off course 90% of the time, and gets there, on time every time, by consistent little adjustments.  

Once you have your food in order, you get to use all that brain power to create your one fabulous life.  

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