How to stick with your weight loss protocol.

Create your life.

Create your life.

Yeah!! I’m excited for those of you who created individualized protocols this past week during our free 30-minute mini-session.  If you haven’t created your protocol yet and want some support, click here to find a time to set one up.

After one week, you are now on your way to losing weight because you have decided to create a new lifestyle designed around creating healthy habits.

I have seen hundreds of women lose between 1-4 lbs. per week* on a measured, no flour, no sugar, no snacking protocol. 

Sticking with that protocol may be a challenge because of your many beliefs and habits, including many unconscious cues, of eating the way you have always eaten up to now.

Hints for how to stick to your protocol and lose weight.

     ·         Stick to your protocol for 2 weeks to see how it is working. 

     ·         Plan your meals in advance.

     ·         Write down your weight and your planned food every day.

     ·         Write down what you ate and your feelings and thoughts about it every day.

     ·         Write down those thoughts that keep coming up when you don’t want to stick to your protocol.

     ·         Write down those thoughts that keep coming up when you do want to stick to your protocol.

     ·         Drink plenty of water.

     ·         Use deep breathing techniques to manage stress.

     ·         Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

After 2 weeks of journaling your food and thoughts and feelings, we’ll check in to see how it’s going!

Are you ready to lose weight?  To create a weight loss protocol, let’s get on the phone.  In 30 minutes, we can review what would work for you and see where you may need a bit more support.

*Everyone is different and each person will require an individually designed protocol.  Results will vary from person to person.