Loving your body at any age and at any weight.


Have you ever thought about the fact that your body has been your mode of transportation for 50, 60 or 70+ years?  If you are someone who struggles with extra weight, you may only see your body for how much it weighs and how it is disappointing you.

You may only think of weight loss and miss out on the rest of your life.

Your body has birthed, raised, and sometimes buried children. Your body has loved and hated partners; played with and irritated siblings, parents and friends.

Your body has encompassed the whole range of your emotions between loss and laughter.

Your body has continued to change as you have grown.

Your body has brought you to school, where you developed your brain; stayed at home where you cleaned and did the laundry. 

Your body ran successful companies, wrote books and created films and courses.

Your body has unfinished projects all around the house. 

Your body has reached out to comfort friends in distress. 

Many of us do all of this living while hating our bodies. 

Without a plan to make a change, you will continue to practice hating your body until the day your opportunities to love this body cease to exist.

You are standing in front of your bathroom mirror, what do you think and say? 

Is it “Good Morning!” or is it “Who are you? What happened to my perky breasts? I hate that my butt is square; my eyes are disappearing. Can I order out for a new body, please."

How many times a day do you look in the mirror and profess these judgments?

Once a day for 40 years would be 14,600.

Twice a day 29,200.

Three times a day would be 43,800.

We hate our bodies.

When you have hated or tried to change your body when it was young and had supple skin and thick hair, what chances does that body have at 60?

We are talking about the very body that is encasing your brain, your soul, your history.

I am inviting you to envision an alternate Universe.  A sacred space, where you are invited to spend the next year – just for 365 days – where you decide what you want to say and to think about your body.  It is up to you. 

You can hold onto your current beliefs; but if you do, I wonder why you would? 

Our physical body is only one part of us.

We are evanescent and aging bodies allow us to experience a great wisdom that we suspected all along: nothing is permanent.  Everything is impermanent.  Supple skin, thick hair, presidents, babies, diseases, TV shows, fashion, feelings, emotions, desires, worries. They come and go.

Knowing that all is impermanent, allows us to do hard things.  It gives us the strength to raise our children, go to work, deal with heartache and seek more celebrations.

No one emotion is permanent. 

The very seat of our experience is within us, but our perceptions are entirely outward bound.  We measure ourselves by the outside and do not check in with our inner selves

An experience may be triggered by an outer stimulus, but it’s origin is always inside us.  We can generate that same experience without the external trigger.

When you learn that your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your action, and your actions add up to give you results; you can see the possibility of change.

We can reject hate for our own body and choose Love

Why settle for hate.

How about love?

Loveability, you are 100% loveable.  Right now. At your size. At your age.  With or without makeup.

Who creates love?

Love has nothing to do with someone else.  It is all about you.  If your loved one isn’t here, would you still be able to love them?  If they passed away, would you still be able to feel love for them?  Love is your own quality.  We use that person or circumstance as a key to open up what is already inside us.

Does it matter if others love you and your body in order for you to love it?

You are the supplier of Love for your life.

Deciding to be proud of and love your body is like shattering your identity.

Just as similarly, when you lose weight, you are shattering your identity.


Did you know, you can believe anything you want? 

No matter what is going on in your family or what the latest fad is on TV.

You don’t need anyone’s approval.

You can love French food or you can hate French food. 

You can desire white go go boots, or you can hate them.

You can decide you love your body and you feel good in your body.

You can decide to create peace around your body.

You can allow old negative thoughts about your body to slowly dissipate.

We can believe the old thought and the new thought at the same time if we are willing to be a little uncomfortable.

Belief is just a thought you keep thinking.  You think it so often, you consider it a fact.  You accept it without question.

When you change your belief, you feel discomfort.  Your brain will resist with cognitive dissonance and cause you to feel dread and anxiety.

“How dare you think so highly of yourself! Who do you think you are? Your opinion doesn’t matter.” Is what your brain my say.

Massive Action to Evolve

Taking massive action to love your body will take time and effort and you will want to give up.  You will forget to do the practice.  You won’t take it seriously.

Evolving takes effort.  Change takes effort.  But achieving the desired results is so worthwhile.

You will be in a process of letting go of your old identity so that you can create a new identity.  Evolving through your final years.  Embrace the discomfort, the blowback and continue to practice believing new thoughts about your bodies.

Recall that your brain is elastic. You know that your brain is capable of growing new neurons now at your age. At your weight.

Ready, let’s not waste another moment hating this amazing host creature. Join me on April 7, 2018 at 10am Pacific for an online workshop – Loving this body. At any age. At any weight.  For more info, click here.