Holiday Tip - Eliminate your BUTS

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Words are soooooo very important.  They guide your brain and teach your brain what to pay attention to. 

As you attend your Holiday Celebrations, you may find yourself saying (or thinking):

     I lost 8#s, but I wanted to lose 10#s.

     I didn’t gain any weight last month, but I should have lost.

     I love my husband, but he should do the dishes.

     My son is amazing, but he doesn’t have a good job.

     My sister-in-law is kind to others, but she is nasty to me.

Try this instead:

     I lost 8#.

     I didn’t gain any weight last month.

     I love my husband.

     My son is amazing.

     My sister-in-law is kind to others.

Changing the focus to your success and gratitude for what you have  now, can eliminate your stress eating, and maybe eliminate some butt. 

Love yourself thin.  It is never too late for any of us.

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