Let's create a conscious, mindful Thanksgiving, without overeating!

Let's create a conscious, mindful Thanksgiving, without overeating!

Support is a proven method for succeeding in any goal and weight loss is no different.

Whether it is Thanksgiving at your parent’s home, Christmas at your home, or New Year’s Eve at a hotel, many a diet or food plan has been blown-off at one or all of these celebrations.

These are times when we are with the folks closest to us and when our emotions may be heightened.  (This is your limbic system responding with a fight, flight or freeze response; it may be taking over your pre-frontal cortex in those tense moments.)

Sometimes, the foundation of your resolve and will power is shaken long before you actually put that extra food into your mouth.

Let’s face it, you know the event will be stressful. 

Instead of reacting the way you did last year with anger, sadness and/or four servings of dessert, you are going to decide how you want to experience this holiday ahead of time. 

We are going to anticipate and strategize by expecting urges, excuses and “mothers-who-say-crazy-things” that might possibly trigger you to overeat. 

I have the skills to support you in thinking differently about food, your body and your life.  


I am creating a Closed FaceBook Group to support you in getting through the 2017 holidays feeling more in control. (I’ll send out a link tomorrow.) 

We will use this time to gather data and become aware of what happens when we are triggered to eat despite our best laid plans.

If you feel shame about not being successful in losing weight, fuggedaboudit.

Shame feels bad because it festers in the dark.  There is no shame in trying.  

If you don’t bother to try to get healthy because you don’t think you can do it, take a chance on you, take a chance on me, take a chance on this community.

Body love.  Body health.  This is about looking and feeling good at the weight you decide is healthy for you. 

Ladies, when you take 100% responsibility for your thoughts and feelings and actions (and I can teach you how), you will decide just how much weight you want to lose, or if you just want to develop better eating habits. 

It’s never too late to lose weight. It's never too late to learn new habits.

You are not alone. 

Never give up on your dreams. 

Your future self is counting on you.

You are all she has, so let’s gather together and create a plan that will teach us a bunch about our automatic responses to food and stress and how to make automatic our ability to stick to a plan.

Closed FaceBook Group – Making it through the holidays and Greeting 2018 with levity! Both physically and mentally.

If you want to create a future and you are afraid you will just fail again….. 

If you want to see what it's like to have a many pronged approach to weight loss and learn how you can apply new tools to your own life….

then, join the Closed FaceBook Group.  How? I'll send a link tomorrow.  

Support and Strategies with practices on how to stick to your plan, even if you never have before. You don’t have to wait until after Thanksgiving to get started. 

We will work in 3 Stages – 1) Thanksgiving, 2) Christmas/Hanukkah, and 3) New Year’s.  Let's not forget the "everything in between" – shopping, visiting, and holiday parties

3 Things I ask:

1.      Make a decision to try something new and join the group. 

2.     Make a commitment to yourself, your family and your own health.

3.    Ideas for what we might call us?  Send me an email with your ideas.  If the name is available, I’ll create it on FaceBook send out a link for you to join tomorrow. 

Let's do this!