Old broad from Brooklyn helps women lose weight!

I have a circle of friends who would be appalled at that title.  I can hear the "pings" pouring in on my phone. 

Why?  We are stalwart futurists breaking with stereotypes about age.  

We are doing battle with age discrimination from the outside - our culture, and from inside - ourselves. 

The fact is that I help women over 50 years old lose weight and stick to it by teaching them not only how to choose better food options, also how to think about themselves, their food and their lives.

 “I’m an old broad from Brooklyn who helps women lose weight!” Ooops, I said it again!

Go figure. 

Today I am embarking on a countdown to the New Year and invite you to come along with the intention that you will be ready to create what you have always longed for in 2018. 

When do you think about what you want to create in your life?

  • The 31st of December?  
  • When you celebrate (or live through) another birthday? 
  • When you go to the doctor and she says (again) – “You need to lose weight.” 
  • When someone you love has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease? 
  • When someone your age dies?

What do you want in your life in 2018?

  • You want health. (Don’t you?)
  • You want to look good. (I do!)
  • You want to feel good. (It is possible.)
  • You want to believe you can succeed.  (You can.)

I have a method to help you do it all – Lose weight, feel and look good and succeed.

I’m taking you with me over the next 19 days.  Let’s have some fun preparing for a New Year of health and a commitment to ourselves.

Take it from this old broad from Brooklyn, it's way better than being miserable, overweight and living in a boring struggle with your own damn self.

You can decide what you want in your life today or, if you prefer to wait for the 31st of December, or the diagnosis, or the birthday, or your doctor’s advice, stick with me for the next 20 days. 

You may find you are really ready for 2018!

Love, the old broad from Brooklyn – that be me!

That be me..... playing in the garden.

That be me..... playing in the garden.