That special holiday stress that causes you to overeat.

Scarcity, Perfectionism and Your Past - Stressful Thoughts That Cause You to Overeat Over the Holidays.

Scarcity, Perfectionism and Your Past - Stressful Thoughts That Cause You to Overeat Over the Holidays.

Stress comes from a feeling of scarcity caused by your thoughts. 

  • I don’t have enough time to get everything done.
  • I don’t have enough money for all the gifts I want to buy.
  • I need to eat these special holiday treats because I have been working so hard and no one else appreciates me. 
  • I will miss out if I don’t eat these treats NOW.
  • My family doesn’t appreciate me.
  • Food is my only pleasure.

Other times stress comes from wanting to have everything perfect.

  • I have to make this a perfect holiday for my kids.
  • I want to make this holiday more special than any other.
  • I want to buy the perfect gift.
  • I want to create the perfect meal.
  • I have to have the perfect party.

How about stress from judgments about other people?

  • My brother is such a jerk at holiday dinners.
  • My boss just doesn’t understand how busy I am.
  • My friend doesn’t respect me.
  • My mother is so critical of me.

You may have stressful thoughts about your past.

  • I always have a horrible holiday.
  • My family just doesn’t ever get me.
  • My kids have always been selfish and never think of me.

The common thread through all of these thoughts is a feeling of not having enough, not being enough and not doing enough.

If I tell you that you have everything you need, you may react with hostility!  I’m ok with that.  This is what I know:

  • You can learn awareness of your thoughts.
  • You are enough.
  • You don’t need to be fixed.
  • You can love yourself.
  • You can appreciate yourself.
  • You can be happy with what you do.
  • You can make a gratitude list.
  • You can learn how to breathe when you feel stressed.
  • You can learn how to change your thoughts about your life.

Some powerful questions you can ask.  The answers will lighten your stress.

  • What do you appreciate about yourself?
  • What do you appreciate about your brother, your boss, your friend and your mother?
  • Where do you value people over things?
  • What kind of holiday do you want to experience?