You Can Eliminate Useless Food Chatter

Freedom from useless food thoughts.

Freedom from useless food thoughts.

Elimination of Food Chatter

One of my favorite things about being in a normal weight or right-sized body and not using food to avoid my life, is the elimination of food chatter.

It is one of those simple joys.

Like, hot showers in the morning.

Or Luna, my Havanese, wildly chasing her toys through the house.

Or waking up without an alarm.

What is Food Chatter?

When every thought involves acquiring food, eating food, not eating food, choosing food, and scheduling food, eliminating food. 

When you find yourself constantly asking yourself: “I wish I hadn’t eaten that.” “How much do I weigh now?” “How do I look in these pants?”  “If I eat this will my stomach stick out more?”  “Will that shirt cover my bulge?”

Then, there was making every food thought a value judgment about myself. 

I was a smart woman (still am) and I was twisted by food chatter for years and years. 

Give it up, girls.

Ladies, be free of it.

Women, let it go.

Just one simple joy of taking control of your body and mind.

If you have food chatter, let me help you dissolve it. 

Take back your mind.  You will have so much more time.