Ep #38: There's No Magic Pill

Did you know that 95% of disease is lifestyle-related?

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Could you ever imagine losing weight on holiday?

Have you ever considered getting a health coach, but you worry about the time you need to put in or the financial investment?

Learning new skills takes time, effort, and focus. Sometimes, the adventure of weight loss doesn’t feel very positive or inspiring. But, do not worry! Sometimes, you just need a health coach to push you in the right direction. In this episode, we will learn more about the role that emotions and thought patterns play when triggering our cravings and how to train yourself  into a positive thinking pattern that allows you to love food that loves you. I have the honor of speaking with two of my coaching clients on their inspirational weight loss experiences so far with the guidance of yours truly as their health and weight loss coach. After this episode, you’ll feel inspired to “step up” your weight loss journey and begin that healthy, positive lifestyle that you always dreamed about!

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What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why is daily practice important on your health and weight loss journey?

  • What are all the health and lifestyle considerations that you need to reflect on for weight loss success?

  • How can you make the choice to resist that pizza without it feeling like you’re missing out?

  • What is “The Model” for health and weight loss and how does it help my wonderful clients stay focused and inspired on their health journeys?

  • Why is it important to change your thought patterns and to understand emotional triggers in a weight loss journey?

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  • Are you ready to go on a weight loss adventure with a coach? Let me lead the way! Send an e-mail to pat@beauprecoaching.com.

  • Review “Simple Meal Planning” on Episode 31  to reinforce planning strategies for healthy lifestyles!

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