Episode #21: Getting Your Body Ready for Summer

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For me, summer used to be about getting my body ready for bikini season. It was always a struggle to feel comfortable and maintain my weight. Now in at the beautiful age of 65, the meaning of being summer ready has shifted from bikinis to health and vitality.

To help you in your summer readiness, I think the the analogy of you as a garden is perfect for cultivating your right-size body. We start preparing and nurturing our gardens in the spring. We tend to it all summer long to produce a bountiful harvest. Creating an abundant, joyful life requires the same preparation and nurturing, so our harvest is plentiful.

In this episode, I take you through the steps of preparing, planting, nurturing and maintaining the healthy garden of you. With a combination of whole foods, exercise, fun, self-care and creating simple plans, you’ll reap a healthy summer body.  

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What You'll Learn From This Episode:

  • The 5 steps for cultivating the garden of you
  • The benefit of summer sun and exercise
  • What kinds of simple plans can you create to ensure success
  • How to combat negative thoughts about your weight-loss journey

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to It's Never Too Late to Lose Weight, a podcast for women approaching 60 who have been successful at everything but reaching their weight loss goals. Tune in each week for tools and strategies to help you lose weight, create a strong body, and support a healthy mind. Here's your host, certified weight and life coach, Pat Beaupre Becker.

You are listening to It's Never Too Late to Lose Weight, a podcast with Pat Beaupre Becker, episode 21.

Hello, my dears. Welcome to season two of It's Never Too Late to Lose Weight. I'm really excited about this upcoming season, because I'm further honing in on how to help you change your mindset to lose weight, but, also, to find health, vitality and purpose as you approach your 60s, 70s, and beyond.

I find this is both a challenging and a magical time for us as we move from the top of our careers to perhaps downsizing to live more simply, being more creative and having more fun. As empty-nesters, we may have ownership of our time for the first time in our lives. This time is, also, a time for ... We face many challenges of health and physical limitations, but like a fine vintage, we are, also, discovering the secrets of wisdom, deep inner joy and worthiness.

If you're not experiencing your elder years this way, listen up and come along for a journey where we look at how to love ourselves into a right size, fit body, and a strong, loving mind. Today I'm going to talk about being summer ready. Now, do you remember when getting ready for the summer meant getting ready to put on a bikini? I remember I had that goal maybe 30 or 40 years ago, and I remember achieving that goal perfectly for about 15 hours one summer. Then I ate, and the hair started to grow in, and I just couldn't maintain that self-conscious, statuesque persona, so still, and uneasy, and unnatural. Now, I realize this is my own particular experience, and that many of you probably played volleyball on the beach or spent many hours in a bathing suit among other human beings, and you were very comfortable in your bodies. But that just wasn't my experience. Now, I could be naked and happy, thank you to the hippie movement, but I never felt good or confident in a bathing suit.

Living embodied was my goal, and I want to know that no matter what I'm wearing, I can feel myself from the inside. I'm not just a reflection of an external material world. I know that. But, at the same time, jumping into the ocean in Hawaii is a great joy and desire that does require I put on a bathing suit. Finding the feeling of fun and movement, without trying to look like this perfect image of a younger woman, that's what works for me. I can accept myself. I can accept and love my body and my own desire to be my authentic self.

Now, a bikini may still be your goal this summer, and that is so cool with me. But I bet that if you're over 60, you may have different things that you hope for this summer. Now, if you're carrying extra weight and continuously frustrated by your losing and gaining weight right back again, I can offer you another way forward. For sure, we carry our struggles into our later years, and for sure, as a friend recently shared with me on my birthday, our bucket list may get shorter, but our fuck it list gets longer. So, if that's how you feel about a bikini, you can either want it or you can not care about it.

But I am going to propose that getting ready for summer in 2018 at the beautiful age of 65, for myself, is to eat the right foods to keep me in the right size body, to give my biology what it requires for fuel, and to focus on enjoying each moment of my life. Now, that means spending time with friends, working in the garden, meditating, learning more about and engaging with my local and my online communities. Now, I get to decide, as you do, what right sized body is for me today. I get to decide what fun is and how much or how little I want to participate in anything. For sure, if you want health and vitality, excess weight, and constant worry, and too much time spent thinking about what not to eat is a drag, and it's boring, and it's painful. If you're like me, you are ready to change it up.

What are we going to do to get ready for summer 2018? I'm going to tell you. As I'm recording this, it's spring time in northern California. Now, for the past couple years, I've been working on becoming the best coach that I can be, but now I am ready to put in a garden and grow my own vegetables. I want you to imagine an abundant summer, where you're eating well, exercising, and enjoying the warmth of the sun and your friendships. Maybe you want to lose 25 pounds. Maybe you're traveling to exotic lands, or visiting national parks in the United States. Maybe you're planning a vacation so that you can get a chance to sleep in, to read and enjoy cooking meals at home. Maybe you're writing a book or building a new business. I know that if we can imagine and nurture it, we can make it come alive for us.

Now, I just started planting my garden, and I think it's a wonderful analogy. I just started planting my garden, and I think it's a wonderful analogy for summer readiness. So imagine or think of a garden filled with mature tomatoes, and cucumbers, and kale, squash, radishes, eggplant, watermelon, figs, whatever fruit and vegetables you desire. Now, to create a bountiful harvest by the end of the summer, you have to prepare the soil, plant the seeds and add water, and summer provides not only the opportunity, but all the sunlight needed.

Now, if we apply the same analogy to your life, you have to root out the negative thoughts that suck your energy and result in feelings of scarcity and fear. You cannot create an abundant, joyful life when you're working from scarcity and fear, just like your vegetables will be strangled by weeds. So you want to create a vision and nurture it with thoughts that make you feel excited.

Now, if feeling better is our goal, we can take advantage of what summer offers us, because we actually get a little bit of extra support from the sun, and that sun provides us with vitamin D that raises our feel good neurotransmitter level, serotonin, and the more we are outside and the more we exercise, that, also, raises our serotonin level, and this is why summer can feel so good.

We know that we'll feel better when we take these certain actions, right, eating non-processed, whole foods. It's, also, been proven to reduce inflammation, which, also, makes us feel better. We know that getting exercise, also, supports strong bones, a better mood and brain health. But what if knowing all of this hasn't really helped, because you just can't seem to make it work for you? So follow me, come with me, and I'm going to take you there.

The first thing we want to do, number one, is to root out the weeds in your mind. What is it that you actually believe about losing weight? Do you think it's possible? Do you think you'll never make it? What do you believe about your body? Do you hate it? Do you wish it was totally different? What do you believe about eating healthy, whole foods? Do you think it's for the birds, just not for you? What do you think about exercise? I remember there was a time when I firmly believed that I would not sweat. I did not want to sweat, and I wasn't going to sweat. I mean I was so pompous about it, but who suffered because of that? My not being willing to sweat meant I was never going to exercise. What do you think about aging? Do you think it's downhill from here?

All of these thoughts and beliefs that are in your brain today will determine the nutrient density of your soil. The soil I'm talking about is your inner life, because thoughts will give you an emotion that can motivate you or de-motivate you. Emotion is the drive that allows you to take action.

What you believe is going to determine how you feel, and that, my friend, is going to drive, again, action or inaction, and so many of our negative thoughts live beneath the surface in our unconscious, because they have been practiced, and practiced, and practiced, which means that the roots of those negative thoughts have spread in our brain, in our soil. But if we root them out, it actually will relieve the pressure that we feel by those negative feelings day, after day, after day.

Once we root out those negative thoughts, the second thing we have to do is we have to add nutrients and condition the soil of your inner life. So once you take out those weeds, those negative thoughts, you're going to need to add nutrients, thoughts of possibility and future growth. So what can you believe about your future that's life enhancing? How about believing that you can lose weight for the last time. You can live your 60s and 70s in the best health possible.

What can you believe about your body that is loving? How can you accept it? How can you appreciate all the things that your body has allowed you to do? What can you believe about eating non-processed, whole foods that actually will make it easier for you to choose them? How about whole foods that are great for my body? I can choose whole foods. What can you believe about moving and exercise that will motivate you to do a little bit every day? What can you think about aging that will allow you to feel your worthiness, to know that as you get older, it does not mean you are diminished, but it means you are deepened?

Once we look at the thoughts that we can believe that are more nurturing, then what we want to do is plant new seeds, really seeing your future in small seeds of change.

I want you to create a vision of yourself at your ideal weight. Now, if you look at a seed, I recently planted some cucumber seeds, and if I look at those seeds, they're just these simple, little flat objects, right? But if I look deeper, I know that with sun, and water, and heat, I see a cucumber plant. I see a cucumber, and the reason I'm planting that seed is because I can see what I'm going to get at the other end, which is a cucumber in my salad.

You want to create a vision of yourself at your ideal weight. See it in your mind's eye, see you walking and dressing in your ideal weight. You want to create a vision of yourself moving more in your life. How about a vision of yourself as a person who easily eats 100% whole foods, which is nutrition? How about creating a vision of yourself as a growing human in a precious body and a wise mind? So those are the seeds that you want to see your future.

Number four is we have to water the soil. Now, water actually provides the path for the nutrients to move from the soil to the plant and into the roots. Water is really like a conduit. So, in your life, we're going to look at an action plan, which is kind of like the new seed that's going to provide your life with what it needs to flourish.

What actions can you take that will make losing weight inevitable? I've talked a lot about creating a protocol, a food plan. What actions can you take to create that plan? What actions can you take to schedule more movement in your life? Can you join a gym? Can you make plans to walk with friends? Then how can you simplify your food shopping and cooking to ensure success? And what do you love about summer, and what do you love about spring, and how can you add more of it to your daily routine?

Now, once we do these four steps, where we root out the weeds of our minds, we add the nutrients and condition our inner life with health, and then we plant the new seeds, we see the vision of ourselves in those small seeds of change, and then we create the plans that will provide the nutrients, then we want to look at the ongoing maintenance, which is kind of like mental hygiene.

The first thing we want to do is we want to check for sprouts, but we have to be patient. We know that the seeds will sprout in their own time. You can't dig them up and make them sprout any faster than they'll sprout, right? Well, the same is true with your own preparation. You can expect yourself to change when you follow the plan, but don't force it. The simpler you make your life, the simpler you make your food plan, your preparation, your exercise, the better you will do. You want to allow for the seeds to push through. You want to allow for your own feelings, your own emotions. You want to make space for your reactions and urges. We want to learn to allow them. We want to watch them with patience and compassion. Then we have to check for weeds, right? We have to expect that these old thoughts of a lifetime are going to keep coming back. We just expect them. We don't sweat it. We don't make it mean anything about us. We don't make it mean anything more than these are practiced habits, and that we are not allowing them to take root again. We just pull out one weed, one thought, we compost it, and we move on.

Now, number three is we have to keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Now, if a plant's soil has too much water, the roots can rot and the plant doesn't get enough oxygen from the soil. So add some fun to your life. Don't suffocate yourself with just thinking about what you can't do. Focus on what you can do. Give yourself the space to do things you love right now. Don't wait until you get to some future vision of yourself, right? Don't wait until you lose weight before you start having fun, before you start learning to have gratitude. Schedule time with friends. Accept invitations. Plan a walk. You can volunteer to be with children or pets. That usually feels really good, if you're into that. You want to find downtime to read, maybe go to a sauna, meditate. But enjoy your body just as it is.

You've set the process in motion. You want to relax, and you want to stick with it, and you want to have patience. This is your life, and doing each of these small things is actually living your life, and that is what we want.

In summary, to create your best summer, look at your life like a garden. Number one is weed out the negative thoughts about your ability to succeed. Number two, add nutrients by finding and nurturing beliefs that are going to make success inevitable. Number three, plant new seeds. See the life you want in your mind's eye. See the cucumber in the seed. See your ideal weight. See your success in your preparation. Number four, water. Create the conduit for nutrients. Create simple plans that when followed will led to abundance. Number five, check for weeds. Remember, old patterns will slip in. Set aside time to continue to identify and weed out those negative thoughts that make you feel crappy, and number six, keep the soil moist, but not too wet. Don't drown or overwhelm your new seedlings. Give them space, oxygen. Enjoy your life now. I'm ready to help you through this process, and if you want this summer to be amazing, contact me at Pat@BeaupreCoaching.com, and we will create a plan for your amazing transformation.

I want to talk about my favorites things, and today, my favorite thing is actually the sound of the ocean. Now, I love the ocean. I love walking on the beach, but I don't always get to do it as much as maybe I should. But I have this alarm which actually has various sounds, so that you can wake up to the sound of the ocean, to the sound of a spring rain or a running creak. Now, while I'm working, I don't often listen to music, but I love listening to the sound of the ocean. It's very calming. It makes me think about walking on the beach, playing in the waves. So while I do make some time to get walks on the beach, mostly the sound of the ocean works for me as I sit here at my computer and I plan, and execute my work, and as I think of you. I highly recommend getting a sound machine that can give you the sounds of nature that make you feel good.

Thank you so much for listening to today's episode of It's Never Too Late to Lose Weight. I really want you to let me know what topics that you want me to address in the future. What are your biggest challenges? If you send me an email and let me know, I'm going to address them in upcoming podcasts. I want you to come back next week, and I'm going to be discussing creating a solid, healthy lifestyle mindset, because this is probably the difference between a diet and a successful way forward to weight loss and healthy living.

Thank you again for listening, and I'll see you next week. Bye-bye. Thanks for listening to this episode of It's Never Too Late to Lose Weight. If you liked what you heard and want more, head over to never2late.info/guide, to download your quick start guide to jump start your weight loss plan and begin creating an amazing life you love.

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