Flying in Formation© – Finding Your Flock

Carter's Biz Cafe, Benecia, CA

Carter's Biz Cafe, Benecia, CA

Back in November of 2012 I joined an online class taught by Martha Beck.  The course, Find Your Calling, was uplifting and fascinating, but it was my first online training and I could not connect to the online community.  I was just too lazy to sit there and type so I invited whoever was interested to meet in person.

Out of my frustration with technology, Flying in Formation© was formed. 

Wait, that’s not how it really happened! 

Flying in Formation evolved from our first meeting on January 20, 2013.  A small group of women came together because we loved the work of Martha Beck who taught us how to interpret our dreams and how to look at any household object and use it to find something new about the fight we had with our partner the night before.  We were hungry for being with other women also searching for connection.

Martha was hysterically funny and we were all drawn to her work.  She encouraged us to play, and so we brought our childhood toys and played double-dutch.  The laughing was way worth the incontinence with every jump!

We were looking for a place to be ourselves.  We knew we had value, but we couldn’t see it yet without shame about our brokenness and our imperfections. 

We created a place for each of us to be taken seriously, yet not too seriously.  Over time, we found our voices and the circle grew and morphed. 

For some, we have changed careers.  Some have studied further with Martha and become coaches.  Each of us has been lovingly challenged and transformed our inner relationship to ourselves which has overflowed into our lives.  This dynamic transformation is making our lives richer, more humorous and nearer to living our potential.

The V formation greatly boosts the efficiency and range of flying birds, particularly over long migratory routes.[1] All the birds except the first fly in the upwash from the wingtip vortices of the bird ahead. The upwash assists each bird in supporting its own weight in flight, in the same way a glider can climb or maintain height indefinitely in rising air. In a V formation of 25 members, each bird can achieve a reduction of induced drag by up to 65% and as a result increase their range by 71%.[2] The birds flying at the tips and at the front are rotated in a timely cyclical fashion to spread flight fatigue equally among the flock members. Canada geese are a common example demonstrating the V formation.
— Wikipedia

Out of all the monthly meetings, heart openings, family crisis, loss, break-ups and break-downs, we look around and see that like a flock of wild geese, we are flying in formation.  Supporting each other with the up wash, using the V formation to reduce the drag and rotating to spread flight fatigue among us.

Our destination?  Right here, right now.  Our goal?  To fly.  This means we reach our destination all the time, and in fact, we don’t really think of it as a destination but as a practice. 

As Alan Watts said, the point of music is the playing and the point of dancing is the dance!  The point of living is to live and we spread the tools for living we have picked up here and there spreading the wisdom we have gleaned and learned and trained to give to you, as part of our service and our love. 

So we fly over Benicia the next 5 Saturdays.  Come join this evolving group of beautiful, soulful women who are driven by service, joy and love. 

You can find us on our Face Book Page or at    Tickets will not be available at the doorFor a direct link to tickets go to:


The Workshops to Life Your Life series starts this Saturday, September 17 from 10am to noon at the beautiful Commanding Officer's Quarters in Benicia.  We have a few spaces left in each workshop, but Space is limited, and there are no tickets sold at the door. [Frida, September 16 is the last day for the bulk discount]

P.S. Benicia Magazine ran a sweet story about the series this month!

 P.P.S. Brickspace Lego Learning Center [Arsenal location]is providing free drop-in play for the children of workshop participants!  And Carter's Biz Cafes is offering free coffee, tea and water too. It doesn't get much better than that.